Notice of Election and Call for Nomination

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TO ALL MEMBERS (Active & Retired)

Sudbury Mine, Mill & Smelter Worker’s Union, Local 598/Unifor




Nominations Period – March 16th, 2024 to April 5th , 2024

Voting Scheduled for May 13th to May 25th, 2024

Issued by:  Sudbury Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers’ Union, Local 598/Unifor – March 15th, 2024

Local 598 holds a General Election every three years. During the triennial general election ALL positions are open for nominations.

All members of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor are automatically nominated for the positions for which you qualify and conform to Local By-Laws.  If you wish to accept nominations, you must indicate your intention in the manner prescribed.   

We will be providing each unit with a poster outlining the leadership list of positions specific to your workplace and based on your collective agreement.

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March 16, 2024, 8:00 a.m. the nominations' period will open for all positions on the Board of Executive, and every leadership position afforded to each unit.  The nomination period will close on Friday April 5th, 2024, 5:00 p.m.

On the following pages you will find specific details on the election process and eligibility parameters.  



No member shall be eligible to hold Executive office that has not been a member in good standing for at least one year prior to opening of nominations. 

To be eligible to run for Steward and Committee persons, you must be a member in good standing for not less than six months. 

To be eligible to run for Unifor Constitutional Convention and Unifor Council, a member must have been in continuous good standing in the National Union for 12 months immediately preceding the first day of the month in which the Convention is held and shall have been a Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor member for 3 months. 

The 12-month rule does not apply to recently Unifor joined Units but the 3-month Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor rule does apply.  To be eligible to vote, you have to be a Union dues-paying member (laid off or not), or retiree. 



All members of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor who wish to run for Executive Board positions must comply with Terms of Registration with Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Section 32 (1) 9 of this regulation prohibits the operator of a gaming premises from allowing executives and staff of a trade union who represent or negotiate on behalf of gaming employees at the gaming premises to play games of chance at that gaming premises. The signed terms on Unifor Local Union 598 o/a Sudbury Mine, Mill and Smelters Workers registration also requires its executives to ensure that these individuals refrain from such gaming activities.

Please be also reminded that the terms of registration for Unifor Local Union 598 o/a Sudbury Mine Mill and Smelters Workers requires its executives to provide the Deputy Registrar with written notification of its intention to change any member of its executive, and to obtain the Deputy Registrar’s written consent prior to the change.

Please note that should any other executive or staff member of Unifor Local 598 o/a Sudbury Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers wish to deal directly with any gaming premise in Ontario, they must first submit a fully completed Personal Disclosure Form with photograph to the Commission and be approved by the Deputy Registrar.


Nominations will be open from:

9:00a.m. Saturday, March 16th, 2024


5:00p.m. Friday, April 5th , 2024.

Any nomination forms received outside of these dates/times will be disqualified.

Nomination forms will be available through your Unit Chair, the Union Office and they are available to submit electronically or download and print from our website under Election.

  • Along with your nomination form, each candidate may submit an article and picture of themselves that will be printed in the 598 News – Election Edition.

  • NOTE:  If you submit a nomination form and wish to withdraw it, this MUST be done during the nomination period.

Nomination forms must be submitted directly to the Union Office in one of four ways and each nominee is responsible for contacting the Union Office to confirm its receipt. 

Submit Electronicallywith Electronic Signature  (via )

Scan and Email:  @email 

In Person to Kimberley Glibbery, Executive Assistant - 2550 Richard Lake Road

Fax:  705-673-1183 – Attention: Election Committee



Once the nomination period is complete, a poster will be put up at your workplace and posted on the Union’s website informing of any acclamations and who the nominees are for the upcoming election(s).

CAMPAIGN MATERIAL produced by Nominee (ie:  leaflets / handouts / pins)

All campaign material (printed or electronic) MUST be authorized and approved by the Election Judges PRIOR to distribution / sharing. 

To have your campaign material approved, please forward your material to Peter Sullivan – Election Committee Chair. Please ensure that your contact information is included so that a response can be provided. 

Email:  @email or @email

Fax:  705-673-1183 

In person:  2550 Richard Lake Road, Sudbury


If you wish to place a campaign article in the 598 News – Election Edition, please submit your material electronically to Kimberley at @email.  All articles are due NO LATER than 5:00p.m. on APRIL 12th, 2024.



Advance polls are scheduled at the Union Hall , in the boardroom –Monday April 29th, 2024 to Friday May 3rd , 2024 (times TBD)

The polls will open at 8:00 a.m. on May 13th, 2024 and close at 4:00 p.m. on May 25th, 2024.

Full schedule of locations and time will be posted in a timely fashion.

Article 6.0 of Sudbury Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers’ Union Local 598/Unifor’s By-Laws are on the following pages to help guide you in understanding the full electoral process.  We  have also provided a ‘summary’ of the duties of each leadership position on the Executive Board, as well as the positions required to support the members of each respective Unit.

We felt that this information was necessary for those members that are not familiar with Union functions.  Be proud to belong to Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor, stand up for your rights, get involved.   We are here to back you up all the way!

Local 598 has 15 affiliates (aka representing 15 different workplaces), with more than 1600 members as of this publication.  three distinct groups of affiliates.

In Solidarity,

Your Election Committee

Peter Sullivan – Election Committee Chairperson (email: @email)

Dwight Harper– Election Committee Member (email: @email)

George Markic – Election Committee Member (email: @email)

Ron Michaud – Election Committee Member  (email: @email)



For Nomination forms click link below: