Aboriginal and Workers of Colour

The focus of the Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor Aboriginal and Racialized Workers Committee is to strive to develop and maintain a positive relationship with other individuals, groups, agencies, and others, who are addressing issues of concern to the Union.  This committee will assist the efforts of other union committees, organizations, and others who are addressing similar issues.  They will research, study, or investigate areas of concern in order to develop advice and make recommendations to the Executive Board.  Most importantly, they will solicit input from our members and the community to assist them with creative ways of educating the Union, signatory companies and the public.

This committee will work cooperatively with the Union leadership and outside agencies to develop projects that will be designed to bring awareness to combat racism or the like.  They will represent Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor by becoming active in the community and will act as a resource for the Union and the community.