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University of Sudbury - Contract Settlement

March 30th, 2005 at 12.05 a.m. the University of Sudbury and the Union came to a tentative agreement on their first collective agreement.  March 31st, at 5:00 p.m. a meeting of all support staff was scheduled for review of the tentative collective agreement.  After the review, a vote was taken to accept or reject the proposal; 90 % of the support staff voted in favor of accepting their first agreement.

The members are pleased and satisfied with their first collective agreement which will terminates on June 30th, 2007.   This contract included a 7 to 10 % salary increase in the next two years.  Provisions for part-time employees … Language for better working relationship with the University…. 

The support staff of the University of Sudbury would like to thank everyone at the C.A.W. Local 598 for all their help, support and encouragement.  A special thanks to Tom Datillo and Rick Grylls for their continuous hard work.

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Bargaining Update

March 15, 2005

In June 2004, the University of Sudbury support staff voted in favour of the CAW local 598 acting as their bargaining agent.  Negotiations for our first collective agreement began in September 2004.  During the first rounds of negotiations everything went very well.  Both the Union and the University bargaining teams were quite agreeable on much of the language.  The bargaining team for the support staff felt that an agreement might be reached sometime early in the New Year. When negotiations resumed in the New Year, much of the language had been completed.  The Union bargaining team had given the University the remaining issues, including monetary matters.

When talks resumed in February, the University had only looked at our salary demands and nothing else.  The University came back with an insult to the workers as they offered a meagre 1.5 % per year over three years.  There are some of our workers who are earning 30% less than their counterparts at Laurentian University.  Consequently, talks broke off as a compromise could not be reached.  At that time, the Union informed the University that it was going to file for conciliation.  On February 22,2005, a meeting was held to inform the workers of recent developments.  A strike vote was then held and 100% of the membership voted in favour of giving the bargaining team their endorsement.  Once a No Board Report was signed, three dates were chosen as a last effort to negotiate a satisfactory contract.  Those dates are March 30, 31, and April 1, 2005.  If no settlement is reached by the end of these negotiations, the support staff at the University of Sudbury will be in a legal strike position. 

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