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St. Joe's Update 

On Thursday August 25, a large number of workers from St. Joseph's Villa, and supporters demonstrated in front of their workplace to highlight their demand for a return to the bargaining table. The workers at St. Joseph's were organized by Mine Mill / CAW - Local 598 and are currently attempting to negotiate a first collective agreement with the employer. Gilles Bisson, the NDP member for Timmins in Queen's Park also stopped by to show his support and to discuss the progress of negotiations. More...

UPDATE: June 16, 2005


A sincere thanks goes to all the members for your show of support on Tuesday.  We had an excellent show of solidarity due to your participation.

Again today, we will be providing lunch and supper for our members.  Lunch will begin at 10:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Supper will be from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.  We are in the process of planning a meal for our night shift members.  We will be holding another public information picket at your workplace on Tuesday June 21st at the same times.  Our National CAW representative, Tom Dattilo, will be at your workplace on Tuesday, June 21st.


In the Sudbury Star on Friday, June 10th, Johanna Horne, site manager of the Villa said contract talks with the workers have stalled, “but we are very optimistic we are soon going to be back at the table where we want to be.”  On Wednesday, June 15, 2005, Tom called Aurel Malo, hired company negotiator, and left a message on his voice mail.  Tom may have more information to share with us on Tuesday, June 21st.


Health care providers truly care.  On Monday, June 13th long term care workers from our community held a peaceful demonstration regarding the current provincial funding system to facilities.  The WORKERS are demanding change in order to provide dignity and respect for our residents.


Yesterday, numerous members said the heat in the facility was turned on.  Rick Grylls, our President, brought out CAW information regarding “heat stress.”  St. Joseph’s Villa of Sudbury provides the structure our residents call “home.”  The workers have rights under the Ontario Health and Safety Act.  If you have concerns or issues of any kind including “heat”, contact your health and safety, bargaining representatives or call our union offices at 673-3661 ext 22 and Marianne will be able to direct your call.

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UPDATE - May 2005

St. Joseph’s Bargaining Committee

It has been a few weeks since our last up-date and many have questions that we as your bargaining team will try to answer today.

Yes, we are not sitting at the bargaining table with the Company; talks broke off on April 20th.  These talks broke down when the financial issues were on the table.  The Company felt that they needed to go back to the Board of Directors of the Villa to get further direction.  To the best of our knowledge the Board met the first week of May. 

So, now we wait for them to set the new date for further negotiations. 

Please bear with us as we finalize these negotiations with the Company and then once the bargaining committee has agreed to bring the package to the membership we will arrange a meeting to vote on the proposed contract. 

In Solidarity

Your Bargaining Committee

Lisa Reed, Stephanie Lavoie and Shelley Spencer 

Issued by Mine Mill on May 6th, 2005

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