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Xstrata Nickel Sudbury Operation employee update

Posted: January 19, 2009
By: Marc Boissonneault, Vice President, Xstrata Nickel, Sudbury Operations

Dear Colleagues:

Your Management Team continues to review our operations and organization in the
context of deteriorating market conditions and their impact on Sudbury Operations. This
review, which began when markets faltered last year, is an ongoing process and we
continue to pursue ways to secure our future and create solid fundamentals for our
operation. Simply put, we want to create a sustainable platform for our business that
addresses our cost challenges.

We also want to make sure we do this right, meaning more time is required to thoroughly
address these difficult circumstances in a way that properly examines the many
complexities in our business. With this exercise still underway, we will temporarily postpone
the movement of employees from Thayer Lindsley at this time. Employees at Thayer
Lindsley will shift the site into care and maintenance mode. We will extend this process to
March 1st.

As part of our need to reduce operating costs, please also note that employees who have
elected to accept the Company’s Voluntary Early Retirement program will have an effective
date of January 31st. Those few exceptions to this effective date will be contacted
personally by the end of the business day Tuesday, January 20th.

We remain committed to updating you and sharing information as it is available. We will
continue to work within our Vision and Values framework throughout this process with a
focus on being responsible and ensuring respect for all of our stakeholders, including our
employees, our unions, our suppliers and contractors, and our community.

I do appreciate that these uncertain times are difficult. Please do not lose sight of placing
emphasis on the personal safety of yourself and your co-workers at all times.


Marc Boissonneault
Vice President,
Sudbury Operations,
Xstrata Nickel

For more information, please call Richard Paquin - Xstrata Nickel Unit Chair at 673-3661 ext. 24

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