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Latest News
Bargaining Update - January 27, 2017
The Company and The Union met yesterday to discuss all outstanding language issues. The Union also presented the Company our monetary proposal with an expectation to try to get a deal well before the deadline.
Bargaining Update - January 23, 2017
The Company and the Union are still meeting every day but progress is slow. We have been successful in resolving or agreeing to a path forward on some smaller issues, but the main issues of concern remain outstanding and still need to be resolved.
Bargaining Update - January 9, 2017
Talks continue to progress. To date there has been some agreement on minor language issues but many issues still need to be resolved. We have met 10 times since beginning talks and will continue to meet regularly going forward.
Strike Mandate Vote - January 16, 2017
Mandate meeting information.
Bargaining Update - January 3, 2017
Both sides exchanged their non-monetary proposal package on December 14th 2016. To date there has been some agreement on housekeeping issues. We continue to meet with the company on a regular basis and discuss the intent and application of the current collective agreement language.
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