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Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes
Published: March 26, 2009

Tuesday March 24, 2009 4pm Smelter conference room

Attending                                              Absent
Lisa Schroer                                          Carole DelMastro-Boileau
Raz DelMastro                                       Dwight Harper
Ronda Gilchrist-Geeza                           Guido
Gerry Bedard

Discussed Old Business

  • Lisa looking into opening ceremony at Port Elgin for wind turbine. When will it occur, and can our committee attend the event.
  • Still looking into more Environmental training
  • Possibly having Raz and Gerry attend the Environmental-Workplace course in Port Elgin
  • Possibly Ronda and Lisa attending the Environmental-Community course
  • A "Toxic Substance in the Workplace" 40 hour program is available June 14-19, 2009 in Port Elgin of great interest
  • Ronda to send request in to Dwight for a min. of 2 attendees. It has been stated that it may only be available to the Big 3, however, with the nature of our work environment we should definitely be considered for such a valuable educational tool. (deadline to register May 22, 2009)
  • Raz to email Rick Avante for different ideas for committee
  • Lisa emailed Allison Muckle with regards to Eat Local Sudbury, and received pamphlets and website information. The store is located at 28 Durham and has a variety of things to offer, including contact information for local farmers, local food supplies, etc. It is a fantastic promotion of our local economy to promote our community growth.
  • Lisa emailed Richard Paquin to provide a link to their site, but will request a reminder as it has yet to appear
  • Eat Local Sudbury will have a booth set up at the upcoming Earth Day Festival - Market Square April 18, 2009.

New Business

  • Earth Day April 18, 2009. Discussed the committee meeting at Market Square to go through exhibit and gain information and contacts on environmental issues.
  • **Participation and Promotion of Earth Hour March 28, 2009 8:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Lisa to talk to Betty Sutherland to help with the promotion at Xstrata Smelter by posting information on Earth Hour on boards and/or on front TV monitor.
  • Lisa will also email Richard Paquin to post the promotion on the website
  • Lisa has new Environmental Tips received from Dwight. She will be forwarding to Richard to have posted on the website
  • Discussed Ronda and Lisa's Environmental - Workplace course. Raz provided with all the information obtained from the course.
  • Mark Bartlett from Windsor Environment Council (the discussion leader of the course) is interested and willing to come to our local to discuss our committee joining their council along with discussing the introduction of a Joint Environmental Committee in our workplace through bargaining language.
  • Lisa will be speaking with Dwight in regards to this matter.


Next meeting May 13, 2009 5pm Minemill Hall

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