January 17th, 2007


Issued by:

Mine Mill Local 598/CAW Bargaining Committee

Sudbury Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers Union, Local 598/CAW



Mine Mill Local 598/CAW

Strike Mandate Vote Results


Members of Mine Mill/CAW - Local 598 Xstrata Nickel Unit attended a series of four meetings at the historic hall on Regent Street in Sudbury, to hear an update on the progress in negotiations, and vote to give their Bargaining Committee a strike mandate. In a heavy turnout at the polls, the membership voted 98% in favor of strike action should the current round of talks fail to produce a fair and equitable agreement for the Membership of this Local by the January 31st deadline. During the meetings the Bargaining Committee discussed the lack of progress since talks began on December 11th 2006 as well as the favourable bargaining position of the Union. It was apparent from the outset at the first meeting, held at 12:30 p.m. that the mood of the membership was extremely supportive of the position taken by their Negotiating Team.


The roots of our Mine Mill and Smelter Workers Union was first organized 110 years ago as the Western Federation of Miners to fight for a safer workplace, and better conditions for the workers. Today, our 64 year old contract with Xstrata Nickel (Old Falconbridge) finds it selves once again forced to deal with an employer unwilling to concede that the wealth of the company is produced by the labour of its workforce. We are unwilling to accept a contract that does not include better language, increased pensions, wages and benefits given the enormous profits that Xstrata Nickel stands to make during the life of the next collective agreement. Our jobs are not up for grabs.


For further information, please contact Richard Paquin at 698-4622 or Rick Grylls at 665-2138




Bargaining Committee: Richard Paquin, Gord Lamothe, Brian Castilloux, Jan Romo, Jeff Mullally, Jack McGrath, Reg Berthiaume, Rick Grylls, Tom Dattilo, Hemi Mitic


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