Message From The Election Committee


Brothers and Sisters,


    We are now entering a time in our union history where strong leadership from our elected officials will be required. Please show your support and direction by exercising your democratic right and voting for those you feel will best answer our needs. On May 15th to 19th (advance poll May 10th) we will hold elections for all union positions.


    The election committee wishes to thank all those pensioners who have given their time and enthusiasm to help make this election possible as they man the different polling stations. Once again, thank you.


    For those workers that will be on days off, on vacation or for any other reason that you are not able to vote at your place of work, we have an advanced poll. On May 10th 2006 a polling booth will be set up at the union hall between the hours of 9:00am to 8:00pm. All poll clerks are encouraged to vote on this day. Results will be announced Friday May 19th, at Navy League Lower Deck, around 9pm or shortly after!


This special edition of the 598 News contains important information on the rules and directions for the upcoming election so please read it carefully.


To all the candidates!


The election committee and the membership salute your courage and commitment, to run for various positions, as it will be our success in the future.


Fraternally yours





      George Markic, Chief Election Judge.

      Bert Purcell, Election Judge

      Lawrence Baxter, Election Judge

      Jim Mckessock, Election Judge