Bargaining Committee Update

January 3rd, 2007

The Company and The Union have met for a bit more than six hours to date.  We have put all of the language issues on the table in the month of December and have spent lots of time clarifying the Union’s position of the issues to the Company Bargaining Team.

On Friday, December 29th, we met for the last time in 2006 to finish off the discussions of language proposals.  At the adjournment of the meeting, we gave the Company a copy of the information requested by the Union since bargaining started and had not yet received.

The Ministry Mediator, Greg Long, is now in town to meet both sides to discuss the direction that these talks will take in the next 3 ½ weeks.

We officially filed a “No Board Report” through Mr. Long and stated that we will be in a legal strike position at 12:01 a.m. on February 1st, 2007.  He acknowledged our application request and notified us that the paperwork will follow shortly.   These are legal and normal proceedings to ensure our Union is in the proper position to protect the membership; move forward on the issues at hand and use the process that is afforded to our members.

We have a copy of the December 18th, 2006 press conference with Hemi Mitic on our website -

On January 16th, 2007, a strike mandate meeting and vote will be held at the Mine Mill Main Hall.  Please get involved and help your Bargaining Committee move forward by giving your support.


Why should we Vote for a Strike Mandate Vote

Taken from an article on CBC news:

“Big Three’ Face Big Strike Mandate July 16th, 2002

“Canadian Auto Workers at General Motors and Daimler Chrysler voted 97% in favour of a strike if talks fail.  The results at Ford were almost as high as 95%.

CAW president Buzz Hargrove said his members have sent a clear message that they’re prepared to fight for better contracts-including higher wages and more job security.”

                                                                   - 2 -

There is a good reason why the workers at the “Big Three” always give a strong strike mandate.

·        A strike mandate is used as a tool for the Bargaining Committee.  It gives them power and leverage at the bargaining table, in an effort to negotiate a fair contract.

·        Supports and backs their Bargaining Committee - the Bargaining Committee that you elected to negotiate a contract.

·        A”NO” vote shows a divided membership and takes all the power away from the Union’s Bargaining Committee and gives it to the Company side.

·        The strong mandate given by the rank and file to their Bargaining Committee allows the Union to negotiate a fair and equitable contract without resorting to a strike

Whose bargaining team do you support?  Your Union’s or the Company’s!!!


Since the Union has been in place at this Company, all of our gains have been because of our predecessors and because of either labour disputes or the successful use of the collective bargaining process.  We know that the Nickel Bonus, COLA and good pensions would not be part of your employment packages without your Union.

Please remember all the hardships that the Brothers’ and Sisters’ have weathered for over 63 years.  We owe it to ourselves and them to make a better workplace for present and future workers at Xstrata Nickel.

DO NOT listen to rumors!! Contact your Site Relief Chief Stewards or e-mail your Bargaining Committee at

P.S.    Please check your bulletin board.

Remember the special meeting on January 16th, 2007,

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee,

Richard Paquin                                            Rick Grylls           

Brian Castilloux                                           Jack McGrath

Jan Romo                                                    Gord Lamothe

Rejean Berthiaume                                        Jeff Mullally