Bargaining Committee Update

Dec 19, 2006



On Dec 11, 2006, the Bargaining Committee met with the Company to exchange non-monetary proposals.  Opening statements and the tone of this meeting
were cordial and of a positive note.  The Company spokesperson stated that this set of negotiations is an "opportunity to turn a corner". The Company
reiterated on numerous occasions that they want a contract. They also touched on the current nickel prices, investments the Company is making,
future plans and the challenges ahead

Our opening statements explained our position.  We also want to wrap up the past and start afresh with the new owner. We are committed to negotiate a
fair contract for our membership and look forward to being part of the Sudbury Operations continued success. 


This may well be an "opportunity to turn a corner".  The right person in the right place can make a difference and top management is sending an optimistic message.  On the same token the wrong person in the right place can unwittingly scuttle the best of intentions.  While most of management will adapt well to whatever directive is given; to truly “turn a corner” everyone involved has to know and realize what we are turning from and why we need to change direction.  This is where the wrong person in the right place can take this “opportunity to turn a corner” and drive any hope of a new direction or fresh start to failure.  Hopefully this will not happen.


During this whole process, the membership of this Union was adamant that there is to be no remaining unresolved grievances in order to start this fresh beginning with the new Company and on Dec 15, 2006, the Company and the Union met to try to resolve as many grievances as we could and we have achieved this. We have resolved over 100 grievances that were left over dating back to 2001.  There is only a few left that will have to be resolved at the Arbitration and Med-Arb process which will be scheduled as soon as negotiation is over.


The actual bargaining process started on Dec 18, 2006, in which both Committees explained their language proposals that was exchanged the week before and discussions will be ensuing on an ongoing basis during the remainder of this week and through out Christmas if needed. The talk at the table is open and cordial.


The Bargaining Committee will keep the membership informed on the process as much as we can. Please check our website:  as the up to date information will be there.


In solidarity


Richard Paquin

On behalf of the Bargaining Committee