Bargaining Committee Update

January 26, 2007

Your bargaining committee has been working hard since December 11, 2006 to reach a Collective Agreement with this new Company.  Even though our main issues on language are still not all resolved, late yesterday afternoon, the Company made an early offer of settlement, with one strict condition that your bargaining committee unanimously accepts their offer by midnight and have it ratified by the membership by Saturday. 

After reviewing the Company’s offer, your bargaining committee felt that it fell short on many important issues that the membership had raised, so your bargaining committee worked hard during the remainder of the day to prepare a counter offer outlining many of the membership’s issues.

When we presented our counter offer to the Company, late last night, the Company refused any further discussions and stated that their offer was now off the table. When we asked them if they expected to start the talks over from scratch, they replied “Yes, everything is off the table”.

The bottom line is that as of today everything is off the table and we still have no offer.

We will get a contract, the question remains when?

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Richard Paquin                                            Rick Grylls           

Tom Dattilo                                                 Jack McGrath

Jan Romo                                                    Gord Lamothe

Rejean Berthiaume                                        Jeff Mullally

Brian Castilloux